Dining Room

Wayne Gretzky's Toronto Sports Bar and Restaurant dining area. The best place to watch the game in Toronto.

Our Dining Room can accommodate celebrations for groups of 2 to 200. Contact us at events@gretzkys.com for more information.

Welcome to Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto! For 20 years Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto has strived to provide great food and great, friendly service. Our latest menu combines our experience in delivering quality food with the latest trends in dining and healthy eating. Growing interest in menu items with less fat and salt have prompted us to highlight some of ours. Also, some of Wayne’s personal favourites are indicated so you can try them too.

It is our goal to create a memorable experience for all of our guests. When you visit, please take the time to stroll around the restaurant and see some of the great memorabilia on display that Wayne’s father, family and friends have collected over the years. If you’ve been here before, we welcome you back, and hope you find something new and exciting to try along the way!

For reservations please call 416.348.0099.

For group dining reservations of 20 people or more, please email us at events@gretzkys.com